What is WellRead?

We provide a community generated and curated selection of excellent, high quality, book summaries.

If you are looking for an independently generated, accurate and complete book synopsis, we can help.

We read the book, so that you don't have to!

We firmly believe that WellRead contains some of the best book summaries available online. We are building a scalable platform, meaning that you will find content for a large selection of books.

If we don't have our own summary of your chosen book, we will give you the synopsis from Amazon or a variety of other booksellers. You won't leave empty handed and you won't have to trawl multiple sites.

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You can vote for your favourite, or least-favourite, synopsis. The synopsis with the most votes will appear at the top of the page.

Of course, you can also contribute a book summary to WellRead yourself! What is a synopsis?

We want to help you quickly and easily discover the key points of a particular book, without necessarily having to read the whole book.

If the book is of real interest and you want to know more, then we'd recommend you actually read the book! In the future you will be able to purchase the book directly from WellRead.